The transformation of speed (SASL poem)

Translation from South African Sign Language (SASL) into English My head is very motivated, And my chest is feeling very inspired, The vibration releases  Delightfully I look at my hands And I hold it towards my chest It becomes a butterfly Strangely The butterfly becomes a bird From the bird’s beak to an eagle’s   TheContinue reading “The transformation of speed (SASL poem)”

His dream told him of it, and he wrote it

Victory, Victory, have ye seen a dream from a man’s sleeping?He dreamed of thou yet he was not aware that you are himHave ye seen his dream, Victory, have ye, or have ye not?He could not remember his dream, a dream of VictorySurely it was strange hence have ye seen it? Victory, Victory, have yeContinue reading “His dream told him of it, and he wrote it”