The endless truth within one’s soul

Her words welcome the light; She sticks to the non-sick of right. She is a woman who studies life, Of the truth that only comforts, She so clear, like the pure water, Due to her figure of heaven – Her words welcome the light; She sticks to the non-sick of right. Describable and explanation, LaysContinue reading “The endless truth within one’s soul”

What art thou looking for?

Earth uses the light,The sun summonsThe Warmth.The atmosphere hasProtected the sky –The sky felt the heat.Earth is consuming,By the Warmth.If she is not stopping,The atmosphere willProtect the sky.The Sun has the power,To warm this Earth.Sun is but a name.The True-Sun of the fireIs the light himselfSun knows he gives whatThe living flesh can not.No oneContinue reading “What art thou looking for?”

Who do you think you are?

My head is saying this to me,“I sing a song in front of you,Because you like to feel the music –The music’s dancing in the head.” Nothing can change the fact,That you’re you forever –Nobody can be you,Nor can you be someone. ©Ismael Mansoor

I am neither real-nor-true

I went to my thoughts,It was saying like,We wait for you to gym us. Alight for the day!For the day of your self is at your hand,And as a choice from your self shall it decide,The seed is deciding by water. A personification comes to my thoughts,I am neither real-nor-true,But a word that sounds real,WhichContinue reading “I am neither real-nor-true”

Sign Language

A baby is bornHeld lovingly by his motherHis parents share the joy,Of their precious arrival The little boy grows,And plays boyish games,While his mom cooksShe smiles sweetly at him,She calls himBut the playing continues.His dad comes homeAnd he calls, calls, calls…The realisationSomething is not right,Means a trip to the audiologist The test begins with earphones,AndContinue reading “Sign Language”

Think about it thought my mind

The most powerful man, oh, wait, wait,He will fetch me with his body,What the powerful man, I can devise myselfBut the Earth lengthen my prolonged lifeOh, such a fantasy, such a long-thinking-wish You tell me how to live a long life,At the same time, saving the world we rent for free,But the man who setContinue reading “Think about it thought my mind”

Life lesson

The Miracle Creator is in my heart,But I told Him, how can I save the Earth?I was not a great man to change her discourse,But He implants the words in my thoughts,The wisdom to the path of the tree roots,The little voice shouts, we, together, can do it.Who says the impossible? If your spirit isContinue reading “Life lesson”

Out of control

Dialogue style You are quiet.What if I say you are noisy.You are rude.I also think that you are rude.What?What?Well, man, why don’t you shut your mouth?Wow, you are so out of control.Why do you think I am out of control?Leave it.What do you think I am out of control?You told me to shut my mouth.Continue reading “Out of control”


I see a powerful healer in mind,They smile, and they are truthful to everything else,But the mind shall not be my colonisation,I shall be the one to colonise my mind. Time to remember everything is 10 percent,And the rest of 90 percent is me, my reaction.Thee remember that is true, aye, 90 percent,The mind shallContinue reading “CONTROL MIND”