A Bitter Tongue

I am at your service. Okay. My service for you is to speak the truth. Is your service free? I don’t want to pay for it. My service is free, but a bitter tongue. Okay, then share your bitter tongue with us. You and your people must pay the price for the Earth. What priceContinue reading “A Bitter Tongue”

Don’t think I am only the one

How much more can you tell me of thine inner world that defines what you may have noticed or not? The first thing that comes to my mind that I am going fantasy. He scripts me in the hope of his house, the house where everything else is this scripture. Such is a tablet tryingContinue reading “Don’t think I am only the one”

The Power Of Life I Give You

Don’t wait for Hypocrite, Don’t wait for Ignorance, But if they repent, the true heart, Then don’t wait for Hypocrite, Don’t wait for Ignorance! Fantasy One day when I master everything, Then I might read you about everything,Your feelings won’t be mineBut I empathy them for I had them beforeGoing to tell thee somethingDon’t waitContinue reading “The Power Of Life I Give You”

English can be complicated

Well, English can be complicated, said me, well,Such is the English language such words are them,Excuse me, myself then I go to the thoughts,Thinking many things, a thousand times,Then I go back to read some things,Important, for me to know such English,But I will tell thee of my understanding,Like, well, well, then might I tellContinue reading “English can be complicated”

Words or action?

Hmm, imagine if ye lo at me,As if thee expect me to knowest of thine explanation,Then he goes to thou, saying like,What offers thee as a reader who comes and read,Such easy words, cheap, not so expensive,But ye understand is the most important, breakfast,Lunch, and supper, aye, know thine limit,Oh, give times to those whoContinue reading “Words or action?”

Like my moody

Come, come, Fruits will feed you,Hence, Vegetable also nutrient thou,So all may have what is good in all,Such like we will help each other,Then ye, well, hitherto, oh, another,Such riddle is it to confront all waterfalls Granadilla dash and say like,Bitter, why did ye touch me?People want Sugar by my side,Because they demand Merry. SuchContinue reading “Like my moody”

Calming Waters

Where must I go?Where can I find the inner calm?I believe in what I am going to do,I have faith that one day,I will be able to know where I go,I will be able to find inner calm. Thee seek that peeks upon ye,Then Old English might define,I will feed you with such a riddle,ButContinue reading “Calming Waters”

We need a lot more of kindness on this earth

If I am like the master of silence,And if you too happen to be,Then please don’t tell me,“Why you never talk with me,”Or, “Hi, stranger.” They said it’s rude to say,“When are you getting married?”Because you put pressure on them,And they also said it’s rude to say,“Why are you so fat? Why are you soContinue reading “We need a lot more of kindness on this earth”

The rocket

You know what a rocket does,It fires up out to push out of the sky,Like how a virus fires up to get out of the mouth,Nostrils, pores, whatever there out of the skin,Well, a rocket is nothing in Space,It waits for it lands on a lifeform, warm and live,Like how a virus is nothing inContinue reading “The rocket”

All for all

He told her, I want to save the world,But she said, include all the animals, plants, and other living things?Well, ye see to the Mercy, and ask, how can we be saved?But also go to the Redemption, and ask, how can we be forgiven?For the forefathers and foremothers, they are in us,So we must striveContinue reading “All for all”