As liking of King Peace’s virtuous ways

KING PEACE. My teammates, I am to my friends,That has been my mission and reminders.Your requirement is paying attention,To me have been considered, this is soImportant that all yours are my duty. POLITICIAN. Here is old the testOld testament. For the profiter drawnAll wealth’s passions, I say tax must not stop. KING PEACE. That wasContinue reading “As liking of King Peace’s virtuous ways”

The Words Seem to Trigger the Emotional

YouWhy youI do not understand!You think you are powerfulBut the Lord is more powerfulI know.I know.I know!Why do IWhy do I feel you areGoing to winWhy are you winning?Is the Lord favours you?Is He really protect you?Is He?Why do I think He is protecting you?For all the time?Why, why, why?!!I asked you WHY!You think youContinue reading “The Words Seem to Trigger the Emotional”

The fantasy paints the novel

You give me money, and I invest it.I will give you money, what are you doing with it?You donate me, and I give some of it back to the world.And I will donate you, will you give some of it back to the world?You ask me what I am going to do with your donation,AndContinue reading “The fantasy paints the novel”

[ Ignorance, Ignorance, Ignorance, ]

Ignorance, Ignorance, Ignorance,Just stop, stop, stop it!You, Ignorance, must go away,Go away to your rightful place,Because here is not your rightfulness.Just go, and leave our eyes in awareness,Because you, Ignorance, know why,You know why, so, just go, and leave already,Because I know Ignorance can’t stand the sightOf the Miracle Creator, for Ignorance stays away,From Him,Continue reading “[ Ignorance, Ignorance, Ignorance, ]”

Out of control

Dialogue style You are quiet.What if I say you are noisy.You are rude.I also think that you are rude.What?What?Well, man, why don’t you shut your mouth?Wow, you are so out of control.Why do you think I am out of control?Leave it.What do you think I am out of control?You told me to shut my mouth.Continue reading “Out of control”

What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right

Mmm, mm, I tell you what I need to listenI don’t care what you think about meI want you to listen to me and say I listenWe listen to ourselves, not just myselfI will brave saying if I don’t listenWhat was I thinking? This questionKeeps popping, popping, and then somebodyCome and smile and say, what’sContinue reading “What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right”

Super provoking BUT

My writing is for the world to read what I thinkYou are so great, man, woman, child, boy, and girlYou are so great, but when they don’t see youThey tell others, how could a child, boy or girlUnderstand the high level of poetry or proseWhatever you want to call what it isBut poetry, poetry, poetry,Continue reading “Super provoking BUT”

Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry

My mind swims into the pool of poetry,But the rippling prose thanks to every drop from the above.I thank You, said I to Him, in the pool of poetry,I honour You with my thoughts, even if I disappoint myself,Like I was depressed, low feelings, and probably a hypocrite.Why do I think I was hypocritical? IContinue reading “Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry”