Different function in the body

I give you a slice of bread, said my head,And my tummy said I eat the bread.My heart said me give you faith,But my soul said I wait for you.What you waited for? said my path.Now you see, who are you? Which one is thou?Thee tell the body, which one,You or soul or heart orContinue reading “Different function in the body”

A mixed thought?

I have so much to tell myself,If I am selfish, how could I?When I was a child, my parents were feeding me,Looked after me, and so much more to say,They gave me food and drink to satisfy my body.So if I am selfish, I tell you that I have learned nothing,But if not, I tellContinue reading “A mixed thought?”

So Mysterious

I thank myself for the miraculous safety,And I thank you for your peace and patience,And also, I thank the Earth for her understanding,But hence, she will do what’s right for her sphere,Like I would caress my body. Listen, man, woman, child, boy, and girl,Our bodies are like the Earth, but not exactly, of course,But weContinue reading “So Mysterious”


How could your hand hold your nose because they are smelling? You welcome poor people in any building, how could you expect them to clean themselves if they don’t have enough water? If you don’t want to hold your nose because of the smelling, ask your kindness what you can do. © Ismael Mansoor

I find it so interesting

When you said, “My God.” I find it so interesting because it sounds that your God is here for you, not for me. But I tell you what, our Holy Creator is not your God or mine. But if you still say, it is your God? I will answer, the God who made life, stars,Continue reading “I find it so interesting”

Intense and culturally accurate?

I don’t know what you might think,But I will tell you what I think,I don’t need your judgment, Because I know you are not perfect. Yet if you are perfect,Go and save the world, Hurry, please!Oh, is my provoking words make you sensitive?  If so,I don’t know what to sayShould I say, sorry? Well, to be DeafOftentimes thatContinue reading “Intense and culturally accurate?”

Shades of brown

Ye taught me the words of our Holy CreatorDeal with the knowledge and the simpleGoodwill to the self, smiling with the merry heartYe taught me the words of mind yet I try to calm itThey said what art thou? Deaf with big capital Or small capital deaf, oh they asked, what art thou?I told them, IContinue reading “Shades of brown”