Say it out of the air

You disappoint me.Issues of tone in your languageAt least I speak the truth, not the closing-heart.Well, I disappoint you for what.You are defending because you don’t like the truth.Well, I don’t like your tone.My tone, well done for focusing on it, not the truth, you know.What? You hurtNo, we hurt the Earth for not beingContinue reading “Say it out of the air”


My mind swims a lot of storms,He is a man who loves our Holy Creator,Thee cannot tell me, a mind of just,But how they could not swim,We are sorry that we cannot just,Well man, I hear you, a thousand times,But thee know not that knew me. My mind swims a lot of storms,I bear myContinue reading “MY MIND SWIMS A LOT OF STORMS”


You tell me, love me, and I will love you back. But I tell you what, the Miracle Creator who is our Holy Creator, He keeps giving you love that you deserve. But if your thoughts don’t dwell on the Grace of our Lord, it is you that will bring the ungrace of our enemyContinue reading “DWELL ON WHAT’S TRUTH NOT LIE”

The Circle of Inventiveness – part 1

Stop watching TV too much. You are wasting your time, you know. But if you insist, I will be gone too far. Watching TV too much is not healthy for you. Hey you, are you listening? Hey! Yeah? I am saying that you are wasting your time watching TV too much. Yeah so? What sayContinue reading “The Circle of Inventiveness – part 1”