Forgive the difficult

Have ye seen a star how they shineIt is them that shines themselvesSo now, tell me, have thou lighten up thyselfOr what have thou been up to Have thee seen a shooting starThey called it, wish luck or good luckSo now, tell me, have ye believed in thyselfOr what have ye in thy mind HaveContinue reading “Forgive the difficult”

Is that what you are

The sky has been knownWhat is it ye that knows the sky?Man, your world used to call it, heavenWhat is it, the sky has been known?Have been knownAre thou with the riddle?Have been knownNot me, but it seems that you knowHave been knownTo whomEveryoneSuch the whichThe universeA galaxy or milk wayHave been knownUnlimited, limitless, infiniteHaveContinue reading “Is that what you are”