My deaf mind: Write thou out of thine book, and write ye out of thy language that is valid for thou, and not stoppest thy flowing river from thine mountain of understanding. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

My design #9

If I want to do what I love,Then go for it, and nothing can stop me I have a dream, a goal, even a passion,Do the thing that can make me rocket to my happiness,And feel it around people that feel mine If I don’t believe in meWho will do it for me?No one else,ButContinue reading “My design #9”

Riddles Ridden The Exceeded Skill

Sir, I want you to exceed your skill.What would you have me done?Bestow thyself, then might it would have you know.You say of a riddle that I know is not clear.Well, sir, then follow me to a place of no hope.Alright then, have it thine way, and I follow ye. Sir, you saw it allContinue reading “Riddles Ridden The Exceeded Skill”

Mysterious random thoughts

Here’s the story at the creative desk.The Earth of dusk,Has stored its share of miracle cures,From the Earth non-immunity,To immunityBut all past achievements may lureIn unknown to the workOf the Earth. Thanks to the Earth much for your faithThat find knowing any jerk.The Earth gives itTo all in the freeing permitWell, nature is quite simple.GrowContinue reading “Mysterious random thoughts”

Doest ye thither…

Hither, all hail to the world of Cherisher,But hither, doest ye thither for thyself?Forgive me the riddle,But ye, well, knowest thine self likeReading thy book completely?I wait for thou then we will talk about itLike how did you manage to touch the soulOr thy life? © Ismael Mansoor

All for all

He told her, I want to save the world,But she said, include all the animals, plants, and other living things?Well, ye see to the Mercy, and ask, how can we be saved?But also go to the Redemption, and ask, how can we be forgiven?For the forefathers and foremothers, they are in us,So we must striveContinue reading “All for all”