Mysterious random thoughts

Here’s the story at the creative desk.The Earth of dusk,Has stored its share of miracle cures,From the Earth non-immunity,To immunityBut all past achievements may lureIn unknown to the workOf the Earth. Thanks to the Earth much for your faithThat find knowing any jerk.The Earth gives itTo all in the freeing permitWell, nature is quite simple.GrowContinue reading “Mysterious random thoughts”

Doest ye thither…

Hither, all hail to the world of Cherisher,But hither, doest ye thither for thyself?Forgive me the riddle,But ye, well, knowest thine self likeReading thy book completely?I wait for thou then we will talk about itLike how did you manage to touch the soulOr thy life? © Ismael Mansoor

All for all

He told her, I want to save the world,But she said, include all the animals, plants, and other living things?Well, ye see to the Mercy, and ask, how can we be saved?But also go to the Redemption, and ask, how can we be forgiven?For the forefathers and foremothers, they are in us,So we must striveContinue reading “All for all”

This is something the riddle thinks about

Hm, mm, whispered my mind, I tell thee what,Come and control me, thou shall know everything,Even knowing everything else that you know it not,Then I will control thee that you shall know the Free-Will,Then we together are controlled by the Free-Will-In-The-Non-Killing,So, how about it? Come or thee think, I am I, or come to We-Are-We,UpContinue reading “This is something the riddle thinks about”

Holy or just a talk?

The seven ones who are holy onesThey said you call the MiracleWho do you think you are?You are brave to say such words,But why such words out of your mouth?The provoke made and make you write,Out of yourself, yes, thyself, and such Old EnglishThey would say, why did thee bring out the old past?And theContinue reading “Holy or just a talk?”

Thee tell me…

Thee tell me,What should thou doth with thy body,Abuse or pay respect,Which one? Again will thee tell me,What should ye do to give the best you can?Thee should ask the sharer, for they know the best,But doth not thou dare to ask the selfish-greedy,For they know the best of what is not in the shareContinue reading “Thee tell me…”

How come to close heart for long…

Grace, her magic arrivesEveryone cheer and rejoiceGo and pay your salutationShe has not destroyed us, Grace, Grace, and GraceEveryone chants, GraceGo and pay your attention to her, with your kindness,She has welcomed us with her understanding. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

To Twist The Tales From…

What does the Signer want from him? It has been riddled, for sure, but his mind pays the respect’s gesture, and said to the Signer, “I shall sign language that dialect from you. WILL ME SIGN WHY? ME UNDERSTAND EASY COMMUNICATE. Though, I may use English to interpret sign language, but what you sign isContinue reading “To Twist The Tales From…”