Swift the show on the mystery

I act believably for when I amFrom the songs and the loves;I bear life shine for when I willIn the riddle, dreams of hope,From my beliefs are lighten.The hope that dreams wakenThe heaven thought every lo,Rest on me to the mysterious,Wield the thought of safety,And lighten the majestic feeling,And run it in watering like sun,AndContinue reading “Swift the show on the mystery”

Stormy Minds

PROVOKE. Fool man, you keep me provoking you,Because you let your words fool me, or make me sleepy,So, how could you confuse his mind that he is in your world?Your world is full of craps and nonsense, so should I tell Hades?To prepare for your corruption and the suffering you made upon the world?Oh, your faceContinue reading “Stormy Minds”

What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right

Mmm, mm, I tell you what I need to listenI don’t care what you think about meI want you to listen to me and say I listenWe listen to ourselves, not just myselfI will brave saying if I don’t listenWhat was I thinking? This questionKeeps popping, popping, and then somebodyCome and smile and say, what’sContinue reading “What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right”

Passages of Our

1.My mind said like, “The Lord who gives you a bread of knowledge, and another bread of wisdom, yet all the truth awaits you to unlock thyself. Hence, wait, feel, and patience, for it is fragrant, but thy Lord, no, our Lord, the Miracle Creator is Our. Oh, thee must understand for it is personifying.”Continue reading “Passages of Our”

Life or death

Life goes, and he does his things, is what Lifelike,But Death records all Life’s accords.Oh, how could ye live forever?If He, our Holy Creator let ye live forever,Here I will come to thou and sayth,Teach it to me so that I may learn, good luck,The world has all the records inside their soils.So, how couldContinue reading “Life or death”

I would tell thee so many things

How could thee carry with thy yoke?The yoke imprisons our Mother Earth,Oh, oh, ye fight with me ‘cause thou art not happy,But, but, and but I would tell thee so many things,Alas, thee would flee to But, and say excuses,Like me, that also flee to him with excuses,I cannot fly, I cannot behave like ourContinue reading “I would tell thee so many things”