Sign Language or Signed English?

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay Number one sign EnglishI SEE YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT VERY GOOD. Number two sign not EnglishENGLISH SIGN YOUR ME DROWSY, WHY? BORED. Number one sign EnglishIT’S IMPORTANT FOR ME TO SIGN ENGLISH,BECAUSE I WANT MY ENGLISH TO BE GOOD. Number one sign not EnglishTHINK YOU ENGLISH DEAF?Continue reading “Sign Language or Signed English?”


Wisdom, where is Mr. Patience? No? He is not with you, I see. Say what you, if I assume that you are here for my help? Yes, the Ghost Mountain. Take your time because you are sweating. Wait here because I got to get away from what I expect. See you after when they areContinue reading “THE CIRCLE OF INVENTIVENESS – PART 4”