Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story

Transcription: A:We put our drinks down. B:Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise. C:LS NMF: I’m laughing because he looks funny.RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down. D:LS NMF: I turnContinue reading “Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story”

Breaking News – SASL Humour

TRANSCRIPT: 1. Breaking NewsThe latest unknown airborne virus to be monopolizing humanity has yet to be identified. 2 years later 2. Breaking newsThe unknown airborne virus discovered almost 2 years ago has confirmed that the common side effects is loss of hearing. 2 years later 3. Breaking NewsAs the unknown epidemic continues to grow inContinue reading “Breaking News – SASL Humour”

Our language

Image by Evgeny Kulakov from Pixabay A straight saying, they have written their languagesEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etcLet me write South African Sign Language, in my ownAlthough, SASL is not officially written, oh, I guess HOWZIT-YOU-WELL?TODAY SUN BEAUTIFUL SHINE-OVER-THE-WORLDYOU-WELL ME HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, WHY?YOU NEED WELL BELIEVE HOLD-YES-YOU-CAN The straight saying, they have writtenContinue reading “Our language”