Love never pursue because it’s always there

Love would tell thee,How True-Love would be,Well, she put her heart on me,And made romantic gestures,With the great passion of her soul! See? Love would tell thee,How True-Love would be,When she sees me, she is in her world of heaven,And the next thing she could love me unconditionally! See? Love would tell thee,How True-Love wouldContinue reading “Love never pursue because it’s always there”

The Pillars of the Foundation

All the things thou hath done, How do you like being it? When thou art loving, ye feel so magical, But when thou art sad, ye ‘re so low. When those thoughts of thine went out, How did you put them under control? Thee need the Miracle Creator, the Holy Spirit, And if I thinkContinue reading “The Pillars of the Foundation”

Inside His Heart

A lovely woman brought up the walk-Way to a man. Inside his heart,Are romantic, gentle, wise and creative.She comes to a stop beside the walkwayHer heart, she has arrived at the place.She won’t be a hopeless romanticist,He shall make preparations for the crown ofHis new queen. Will, she loves him? They salute. Inspired by FinalContinue reading “Inside His Heart”

In The Loss Of Identity

HARD OF HEARING. My lord, Assume-Hearing, hear me, For I want to say something from my heart – Hear how my story be this point of Deaf, That is my mind whispers to my honest, That I feel my identity belongs The Deaf Community and this is true. ASSUME-HEARING. Have I not taught ye myContinue reading “In The Loss Of Identity”

The Power Of Life I Give You

Don’t wait for Hypocrite, Don’t wait for Ignorance, But if they repent, the true heart, Then don’t wait for Hypocrite, Don’t wait for Ignorance! Fantasy One day when I master everything, Then I might read you about everything,Your feelings won’t be mineBut I empathy them for I had them beforeGoing to tell thee somethingDon’t waitContinue reading “The Power Of Life I Give You”

Riddling Thoughts With Fantasy Ways

Riddle Feel free to draw thine reasoningYe ‘ve left thine self full of openingsThat is what I’d like to sayBut it appears as thoughThat would be far from the truthSo much negativity is overflowingFrom the world that it began to takeVisible form. We’ve grown strongerOr rather. We’ve attained our trueOriginal sins Fantasy NowHow will weContinue reading “Riddling Thoughts With Fantasy Ways”

Faith And Breathing New Life

Bravo Angel, The Ancient One:There was an Angel in the heart of Earth,Left his home, brought to Earth,Fought on righteous, fought for righteous The story wonders me when I think ofHeaven to my brain that makes sense:How the Ancient One was an Angel,And he left his home, brought to Earth,Fought on righteous, fought for righteousContinue reading “Faith And Breathing New Life”

A Song To My Loyal Friend

Oh, friend, I respect ye lots; I doth not tell thee how to live life; Seconds after seconds; Minutes after minutes; Hours after hours; Weeks after weeks; Months after months; Years after years. Won’t tell thee a thing how to live These breaths of freedom are free Because it is the truth that is eternallyContinue reading “A Song To My Loyal Friend”

I Will Think Of The Present

Fantasy The Miracle Creator leans down to tell me,And awake mePour me a heavy awake of somethingBecause He wakes meBut the Miracle saves meThe Miracle has sent a meaningful feeling to meBecause the Miracle tries to tell me something I will watch the night where there are starsBut it’s not the same when daytimeBecause theContinue reading “I Will Think Of The Present”


She told him, “Please, you come around here,”She wants to see his face, his handsome faceThe fire’s in her eyes, and her eyes crySo she loves him, she loves him She better sees him, she better do,What she can doShe wants to see him, so many tearsShe tried to be tough, better do what sheContinue reading “SHE LOVES HIM”