Open thine self

Image by dougandpetegardening from Pixabay Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyselfWho open for thee, oh, ask thyself who open for thouOpen thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyselfWhat makes ye live, oh, ask thine mind what makes you Open, open, oh, how many times, have ye being asked bySomeone thee acknowledged, that theyContinue reading “Open thine self”

In the Understanding of Living Beings

Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay The Miracle Creator is my metaphor I believe in Miracle I believe in Light I believe in Magic I believe in Faith I believe in Good I believe in Truth I believe in Soul I believe in me and Him – that’s my metaphor Life is Non-Stoppable The Light isContinue reading “In the Understanding of Living Beings”

The Top Of The Peak

Image by sebastian del val from Pixabay Think who you support when ye shout, he is marvelousFeel who thee trust when thou sayth, he is our leaderNo leader would lead himself to the alonenessYe, thou, thee, and you, aye, all of ye art leaders [Chorus:]Everybody wants to jump to the top of the peakBut theeContinue reading “The Top Of The Peak”

Remind Peace to Remember

Image by 174695 from Pixabay Peace, peace, will I forever ask myself, am I peacefulPeace, remind, and peace, remember, forever will I feel peaceful They said, how ye be a peace, oh, the other said, how they be a warWar is in my head, but forever will I ask myself, am I peacefulWar is aContinue reading “Remind Peace to Remember”

What art thou? A citizen

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay Hi poetThy manner? That’s niceA poet goes to his wordsCreative is what he lovesPleasure, to make thy poetryBut thou art, not a poetWhat art thou? A citizenOr a person who knew their heartWell, do ye know my poetry?If thou do not know what is inside my soulAsk thy heartContinue reading “What art thou? A citizen”

How well do ye remember thy dreams

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay How well do ye remember thy dreamsYe never knew me as DreamerI bid that you remember when you sleepAnd also I bid that you must master itHow to define if you don’t memory all of itBut I have watched ye all your dreamsWhether you may not remember it allButContinue reading “How well do ye remember thy dreams”


Dark is alone in the eternal voidness and he looks at himself feeling very miserable. Dark:  I can see the stars at the edge of the space. Well, I am not allowed to go there, nor could I move there. Never will I, since it has been two thousand years! I know, I know, and IContinue reading “CHAPTER TWO: THE STARS OF DOUBT”


The light is shining throughout the space. And at the edge of it, Light appears before the darkness, and he can see Dark is in it. Light: Hi my brother. Dark, can we talk? They are like Dark is in the sea and Light is on the shore.  Dark:  How long Light? Dark swims around beforeContinue reading “CHAPTER ONE: LIGHTING UP HIS REALM”