The Lost Girl

A girl who lost,Her dignity,Her way,Her integrity,Her heart, mind and soul. She lost her own perspective views,Her beliefs,Her conscience,Her respect,Her inner peace, emotions and strength. All of these were scattered,All over.She has to find all of her parts,Piece by piece.To restore her entity.Although her entity is restored,It is disfigured.A woman who was lost,Has found herContinue reading “The Lost Girl”

Go to whatever I have in mind…

Go to whatever Saying like, Bestow! I will go up to a mountain of fantasy, And that mountain is a symbol of all, But ye dash to Uncertainty, what is it? She would characterise, and she would formulate Go to whatever Saying like, Bestow! © Ismael Mansoor

My curiosity inneth me?

You read me on your own time, free will,But I don’t know what you want from me,And I don’t know if you know what I want from you,And we don’t know what we suppose to do,But I tell you what, go to Supporter,And see what he has in his store,And also, go to Fan, howContinue reading “My curiosity inneth me?”

The Versing Mind (A Collaborative Poem)

Verse, we are here to define our high mind,Hence, might the words would not comfort ye,But let our voice, like Speech Of Freedom,And like the likes of verses in the holy books,But we do not mean such Perfect Words. Voices may not be heard, but it surrounds the dome where it scrabbles and finds itsContinue reading “The Versing Mind (A Collaborative Poem)”

Is your wall strong enough

Thee become that define thee,But ye lo at thine self, hence, ye sayest,Why is he using a lot of ye, you, and thou?It is him that define himself,In the same way how ye define thine self. Everyone must define themselves in the state of their wall,Such is Riddle who looks at me, hoping I wouldContinue reading “Is your wall strong enough”

Have you?

He said, how do you love yourself? He was sorry to keep saying, youBut he wanted to know if you do love yourself,Because if he knew that you are,He would tell you of life in the love of his opinion,Like how you opinion when you eat, sleep, and wake up,Such is Circle who looks at the world,Continue reading “Have you?”

Misty Amidst

Misty AmidstWhite-out like it’s been wiped out,Fragments of memories scatters all over the universe.Impossible to see it, but it sits right on the nose,Feelings of emotions diverse.The emotions themselves know.Variety of crisis invades thickly and yet wet, Hesitantly,see ahead unclear-ly, asking which choice is best?The path leads blurry.Still, the crisis surrounds hovering all directions,Persevering withContinue reading “Misty Amidst”

Long Live Breath!

Thou hath so much in thee,Faith, breath strives ye of thine life,While Truth watches ye for thy actions,And all in that which define of riddles,Saying like, Prose sees Poetry for their words,Yet lines describe by Paragraph and Stanza,But thee got what in you heather ye lo,Well, hitherto that high of heavenHence, farewell not, for BreathContinue reading “Long Live Breath!”