Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story

Transcription: A:We put our drinks down. B:Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise. C:LS NMF: Iā€™m laughing because he looks funny.RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down. D:LS NMF: I turnContinue reading “Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story”

See he can dance

Have a look at our new SASL music video: “See he can dance.” This video contains music that Hearing people can also enjoy. Enjoy and drop a comment below! Translation from South African Sign Language to English See, see, see He can dance Whoa , Oh, He can dance Can, can, can Oh, watch him,Continue reading “See he can dance”

Breaking News – SASL Humour

TRANSCRIPT: 1. Breaking NewsThe latest unknown airborne virus to be monopolizing humanity has yet to be identified. 2 years later 2. Breaking newsThe unknown airborne virus discovered almost 2 years ago has confirmed that the common side effects is loss of hearing. 2 years later 3. Breaking NewsAs the unknown epidemic continues to grow inContinue reading “Breaking News – SASL Humour”

Sign Language or Signed English?

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay Number one sign EnglishI SEE YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT VERY GOOD. Number two sign not EnglishENGLISH SIGN YOUR ME DROWSY, WHY? BORED. Number one sign EnglishIT’S IMPORTANT FOR ME TO SIGN ENGLISH,BECAUSE I WANT MY ENGLISH TO BE GOOD. Number one sign not EnglishTHINK YOU ENGLISH DEAF?Continue reading “Sign Language or Signed English?”