[ Pray, pray, and pray, yeah, pray ]

Image by Mufid Majnun from Pixabay Pray, pray, and pray, yeah, pray Why did you pray? You are a fool who prayWhere your eyes have never met your God?Why pray? You never meet God yet think you are goodNo! You cannot fool me you cannot, I am not a fool I pray because my handsContinue reading “[ Pray, pray, and pray, yeah, pray ]”

Resembling Nature

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay FLOWER. How doth thou like my scent? HOLY. Sacred and pleasure FLOWER. What about you? How doth thou like RESEMBLE. Thine scent is not one but many HOLY. The goodwill that ye resemble the flower DUTY. I have summoned Bee to be with thee FLOWER. Bee, Bee, I cannot wait to see DUTY. Here he is, goodwill, let me leave BEE. Flower, thyContinue reading “Resembling Nature”

Let it be sought as it is heard by a sought

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay Hi, hi, hi, said they, but never mind him, he is deafThey chat to those who speak with their mouthsBut his mind said to himself, can everyone read and write?Oh ya, he wondered if everyone can read and writeBecause he wants to know, oh, he wants to Ye see that heContinue reading “Let it be sought as it is heard by a sought”

What art thou? A citizen

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay Hi poetThy manner? That’s niceA poet goes to his wordsCreative is what he lovesPleasure, to make thy poetryBut thou art, not a poetWhat art thou? A citizenOr a person who knew their heartWell, do ye know my poetry?If thou do not know what is inside my soulAsk thy heartContinue reading “What art thou? A citizen”

Open thy silence

Image by Republica from Pixabay Thy silence is thine friendAye, ye art Deaf, yet Sir Silence’s with thouAlight, rejoice, thou should be a merrierFor He, yes, Him who give you the wordsFor what is yet to come, thy silence shall be noisyOh, thine love, her heart voices like a heavenBut thee must have thy honey,Continue reading “Open thy silence”

Sound a path to be fulfilled

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay A prayer was showing him a pray’s gestureHe believed the prayer’s words, and he gesturedThank you for your words of our Holy CreatorThe prayer left him stood firmly like a wall A man ran to the prayer, and he cried your LordHe came to my dream, and HeContinue reading “Sound a path to be fulfilled”

How well do ye remember thy dreams

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay How well do ye remember thy dreamsYe never knew me as DreamerI bid that you remember when you sleepAnd also I bid that you must master itHow to define if you don’t memory all of itBut I have watched ye all your dreamsWhether you may not remember it allButContinue reading “How well do ye remember thy dreams”

Well, well, hmm, how well

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay Well is what we can say to ourselvesBe well to ye, to him or her, and themHow well is thy water to thy thirstyOr how well is thy thirsty to thy fastingThou know what is a glory to yeBut he who has a glorying heartIs he better than heContinue reading “Well, well, hmm, how well”

It is from their heart that pumps

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Honour, oh think what can he do for youPeople want to see that she speaks of HimHow yet he can do for her to smile and hopeDefinition, define who ye art, or fine as thou artBut are you true to yourself or too many vocalsAm I to thy mindContinue reading “It is from their heart that pumps”