I would tell thee so many things

How could thee carry with thy yoke?The yoke imprisons our Mother Earth,Oh, oh, ye fight with me ‘cause thou art not happy,But, but, and but I would tell thee so many things,Alas, thee would flee to But, and say excuses,Like me, that also flee to him with excuses,I cannot fly, I cannot behave like ourContinue reading “I would tell thee so many things”

I know that is my imagination

Ye are like the sun that burns such dangerousBut Thou art like the moon that all can touchThee ring the bell to pronounce many wordsThrough the thoughts that wave unto the mindOh, oh, may I thought so that I am like a star There are stars in every departmentThere are stars in all that weContinue reading “I know that is my imagination”

Every Star is Different

Every star is different, or I thought soYe save thyself for thy bodyThou want milk, but I want waterThee want the blood to eat to fill thy stomachBut one day shall I eat only fruits and vegetablesFor He who created Life and Death with their dutiesLife is to give life, and Death awaits for thoseContinue reading “Every Star is Different”