Courage always has a plan

Courage.I am just not good enough.Courage.I am trying so hard, I really am. Courage never be discourage.I know, I know, but it is not easy.Time to stop being discourage.It’s so hard to be ice at same time be hot. Courage always has a plan.Discourage will always ruin it.But know the truth it never give upCourageContinue reading “Courage always has a plan”

I made up my mind

I made up my mind,That I shall write unlimited words out of my soul,And I shall also pour out my water from the river,And I shall be like the river that keeps moving forward. Have I seen a river that moves backward?I know not where if there is, for now, I know it’s floating forward,LikeContinue reading “I made up my mind”

I know I have been…

Dear everyone,I know I have been reducing my writings daily,The reason is that I have not been myself lately. Dear everyone,I know I should have kept writing like I did in the beginning,That I was passionate about my blog,But there’s one thingOne thing that I don’t think there’s any better about my wordsSometimes methinks noContinue reading “I know I have been…”