Pray to Him with all yourself

Remember, reconsider, oh, study.Ye must study for thy sake,Or else what do you want to say?Ye say, I can’t, but I say, you study. The study, study, and study,What do thee think if I say, the Lord,No, I mean, our Holy Creator,Pray to Him with all yourself. Oh, oh, the ring bells like, how couldContinue reading “Pray to Him with all yourself”


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay Study, work, dost not be lazyThou sayth that thee will study hardProve it to thyself, work hard, be strongOh, show thine self with thy talentsGenius, wonderful, no one can close their mouthJaw wide and open and you see what is in themTongue, everything that is the muscle inside themEach layerContinue reading “A GOAL DOESN’T NEED THE LAZY”