The Letter of the Universe

Letter to you,To tell you howThe words can be. The bad words come from us –Woes are thoughts that think bad –Woes are tongues that speak it.Woes are the sin that lies us,One by one, and the next.So, be kind to your tongue. You say life’s short,So stop negative,Be creative. © Ismael Mansoor

Feel what I assume

In the Book of the Universe, our stories are writing upon it. In the Book of the Universe, our hidden stories are also writing upon it. Therefore, our hidden thoughts and hidden felts are showing upon it. No matter what we do, we cannot hide from the Book of the Universe. We different living organismsContinue reading “Feel what I assume”

The rocket

You know what a rocket does,It fires up out to push out of the sky,Like how a virus fires up to get out of the mouth,Nostrils, pores, whatever there out of the skin,Well, a rocket is nothing in Space,It waits for it lands on a lifeform, warm and live,Like how a virus is nothing inContinue reading “The rocket”

The Light Guidance

TRUTH. Your Grace, I need to tell you about –QUEEN. My King told me about Suffer.TRUTH. Suffer is following the Dark Lord.QUEEN. Yes, my King told me that of Dark Lord. TRUTH. Most creations are following Suffer.QUEEN. My King’ll guide these who don’t know Light Lord.TRUTH. Your Grace – Will the Light Lord face theContinue reading “The Light Guidance”

The works of stars are not limited

I am Star so Give me a fantasy for the dreamAnd another fantasy for the reality Give me a bread for the healthAnd another bread for the soul Give me a drink for the cleanseAnd another drink for the spirit Give me a food from the treeAnd another food from the plants Give me anContinue reading “The works of stars are not limited”

Every Star is Different

Every star is different, or I thought soYe save thyself for thy bodyThou want milk, but I want waterThee want the blood to eat to fill thy stomachBut one day shall I eat only fruits and vegetablesFor He who created Life and Death with their dutiesLife is to give life, and Death awaits for thoseContinue reading “Every Star is Different”

The fantasy of such a poem

Image by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay Thou art perfectThee shew us Sun and MoonOh the Proud is with Thee The sky shew us the blue and the starsThe number of tiny spotsAll of them Thee that shew usLet I to Ye that I may not hide Thou art perfectThee shew us Green and BrownOh theContinue reading “The fantasy of such a poem”