English can be complicated

Well, English can be complicated, said me, well,Such is the English language such words are them,Excuse me, myself then I go to the thoughts,Thinking many things, a thousand times,Then I go back to read some things,Important, for me to know such English,But I will tell thee of my understanding,Like, well, well, then might I tellContinue reading “English can be complicated”

Subverting Expectations of the Element

Water. I’m an important elementVoter. Well, I heard you, however, I’mSeeing you who carry liquids with you.Water. Voter, you know me well enough. Voter. And you know I need your big-help!The world knows your standard and your belief,Water. But the world doesn’t respect my grace.Voter. Give it time, Water, please, Water. ©️ Ismael Mansoor