My mind roamed

Wizard, Wizard, and Wizard, my mind roamed, Wizard!If you are a wizard, what would you or what you wouldHmm, I want to think, yeah, I want, so, if you are the wizard,What would you like to be? Oh, there are many different kinds,Of the wizards, which one you like to be, light or dark?Brown orContinue reading “My mind roamed”

King Arthur III

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay King ArthurHe kneels on the groundBut his head looks up to the airThe whooping air is whirlingIt treads to mead on the showKing Arthur stands up and gets awayBut a soul jumps out of the showKing Arthur shocks, and he falls downThe soul walks toward himEverything goes white then blackAll the sudden, MerlinContinue reading “King Arthur III”