Gamut Gamut, he was waiting for youWhere were you Gamut, I knewYou are a busy man, very busyBut your majestic summonedYou to his presence King, why are they not taking it easyI understand your role, your authorityAnd your power over your peopleBut here I am being forced, by them to youWhat is your thinking, forContinue reading “Gamut”

Empirical Empirical, empiric, empiricismDoth thou know their wordsOh, thee know it notI don’t mean you but himDoth thou know empirical, empiric, empiricismI wish ye to tell me what they areBut let’s teach thee how to understand themIn Deaf’s way of his mind, oh do not thinkThat all Deaf people are the same, do not thinkContinue reading “Empirical”