Preserving Life

Oh heaven to heather me that scripts the world, Then thee need to open many figures of the words, Then I to thou, saith like, remember heavenly All therein good with them, but also remember hellish All therein bad with them, but hither we to the promise, Saying like, we will ensure ourselves in theContinue reading “Preserving Life”

Feeling Can Be Great

Hey, you! Your lover is wonderful.Yes, she is, thank you.Hey, you! Tell me more about your lover.She is the love of my life. Hey, you! Yes, I know she’s your life.Yes, she is my life.Hey, you! Please tell me more about her.I summarized that she’s the love –Hey, you! Yes, I know that, but please.Alight,Continue reading “Feeling Can Be Great”

Cometh Of The Day Of Life?

A new thing, yet another new thing comes,And therein them that I seek what is in me,But herein me that ye seek them in thee,Blessed are them that is true to them of thee,Oh, riddle, what it can offer thee of thine thoughts,When it awaits for thee for a thousand years?I long for my ownContinue reading “Cometh Of The Day Of Life?”

Never forget the other things other than the land itself!?

Deliverance, the promised lands,And all therein the ground with goldAnd hitherto that which cover allHas come to reveal why they digAnd all the fishermen will be an end of an era,Such is a time to cleanseAnd a time to rejoiceWhere no more fear © Ismael Mansoor

Bright to Light

Light it sure will be glowing in appearance and vivid in colourGetting brighterNothing mattersBecause it will liveSimply more light to giveLight gets to set day freeThe day is what it used to beOne side of light for a dayAnd another side of light for nightPurely sun is realIt feels so warm but also so brightWarmContinue reading “Bright to Light”