Drink up the figure

To drink up the potion of the miracle,And to taste it on my miraculous tongue?A metaphor will do it to me like a speech of a figure,To write that metaphor, to enlighten my smile?Speech of figure will wise my hands like signs –The potion of the miracle will preach to my aligns;O, a metaphor doesContinue reading “Drink up the figure”

Who do you think you are?

My head is saying this to me,“I sing a song in front of you,Because you like to feel the music –The music’s dancing in the head.” Nothing can change the fact,That you’re you forever –Nobody can be you,Nor can you be someone. ©Ismael Mansoor

Illusion out of the mind

I can sayest to yeYes, yes, yes, yesI can say more to youYes, yes, yes, yes, yes I keep feeling that thine feelingsSoon are going to all workoutThere’s that kind of the feelingsThat makes ye that imaginationsThat is why thee live with somethingTell thyself why is it, so thou wanteth toI want you all theContinue reading “Illusion out of the mind”

One Time

One TimeMy HeartDown to SadBiggerLonelyFirst IgnoranceLove MeCommon IsolatorLonely (Loner Adaptation) CreatorFamily To LoveStuck In The IsolationI SmileRunaway LoveNever Show LoveHiddenHotheadMe quietWhat Should Be SilentPatient and self-closedWhere Are Love Now Never Say NeverWhat Should Be QuietSomebody To LoveUp WhoHidden (Live)Runaway Love (Remix)Born To Be Isolator Only Thing I Ever Get For LifeBreathThe Heart SongSoul Is ExpressingContinue reading “One Time”

All have their sad moment

Sad feeling, a moment a minute,Glow glance, my eyes like the sadderThe feeling-sad reason can say,Within my inner self, a wonder from the moment, Sad-spirit, found by my heart,Liberation, all worries fade away,Sad-feeling, my mind wants to hide,Coming tears, an inspiration passing straight, Personal wish, aye, personal, wish,The brightest wisher, entering my thought,Gathered words, sadContinue reading “All have their sad moment”

What is the purpose of revealing God to men?

To reveal God to menis to reveal oneself to God.Seen is God does Life truly begin;Life is God, the live God. God is Life men live in His Life.God is Love men like grabbing His Love.God is not Anger- can men dump their angry?God is not Awful- can men face their awfulness? God is theContinue reading “What is the purpose of revealing God to men?”

I am neither real-nor-true

I went to my thoughts,It was saying like,We wait for you to gym us. Alight for the day!For the day of your self is at your hand,And as a choice from your self shall it decide,The seed is deciding by water. A personification comes to my thoughts,I am neither real-nor-true,But a word that sounds real,WhichContinue reading “I am neither real-nor-true”