The Words Seem to Trigger the Emotional

YouWhy youI do not understand!You think you are powerfulBut the Lord is more powerfulI know.I know.I know!Why do IWhy do I feel you areGoing to winWhy are you winning?Is the Lord favours you?Is He really protect you?Is He?Why do I think He is protecting you?For all the time?Why, why, why?!!I asked you WHY!You think youContinue reading “The Words Seem to Trigger the Emotional”

I am not here to live, I am here to change

The Most High doesn’t send me to the Earth,Just to eat and to drink but for my purpose –I feel my purpose, to witness how the EarthLives to her standards and her expectant. If you ask me who is the Most High, well,I don’t know why I said the Most High but,I know that thereContinue reading “I am not here to live, I am here to change”

Courage always has a plan

Courage.I am just not good enough.Courage.I am trying so hard, I really am. Courage never be discourage.I know, I know, but it is not easy.Time to stop being discourage.It’s so hard to be ice at same time be hot. Courage always has a plan.Discourage will always ruin it.But know the truth it never give upCourageContinue reading “Courage always has a plan”