Not today

I know that a long time ago, When you stand for yourself, They would shut your words, Expecting you to follow the system, But not now, not today, not tomorrow, We are standing up for our rights, Women speak, Black freedom, The voice for all apartheid to end, The banners, crying for Peace, Even gaysContinue reading “Not today”

Depth Of A Crying Soul

Fantasy Wisher cried out in an understanding voice,In the spirit of hope,And he said to himself,My wishes fell upon my vanity,And my body was vaned.But now,I proclaim non-vanity to my wishingIn the name of Share. Inspired by the book of Enoch© Ismael Mansoor


In my imagination, I asked a spirit, “What’s Love doing for love?:” And that spirit answered, “Love will cause the quake to break haters in the cleanliness.” Riddle If you want to save yourself from your self-destruction, you will need to quieten your noise mind. If a good man saw all the secrets of peace,Continue reading “Fantasy…”

A Bitter Tongue

I am at your service. Okay. My service for you is to speak the truth. Is your service free? I don’t want to pay for it. My service is free, but a bitter tongue. Okay, then share your bitter tongue with us. You and your people must pay the price for the Earth. What priceContinue reading “A Bitter Tongue”

Different Turns in Life

Fantasy So King arose, and led his kingdom, and ruled,And took all lands with him and power,And as King felt proud with all of them,His kingdom had sparkles to him, King,Behold the creation, be good and kind. Riddle My ears must feel its vibration,I know, I think, I know, but um –Ears are in theContinue reading “Different Turns in Life”

Don’t think I am only the one

How much more can you tell me of thine inner world that defines what you may have noticed or not? The first thing that comes to my mind that I am going fantasy. He scripts me in the hope of his house, the house where everything else is this scripture. Such is a tablet tryingContinue reading “Don’t think I am only the one”

Valid such an imagination said myself

Light, light, light,Surely, it will glow in all its appearances,Such a vivid colour, Getting better,Bright,Nothing matters,But light gets to set daytime,While darkness say hello to nighttime,Such is mysteriousThe day is what it used to be,While the night shines its beauty,However, may it be there whatever it is,Then thee need to see of thy seeking,Such isContinue reading “Valid such an imagination said myself”

The Ambiguity Of Mankind

GOOD MAN. I present my simply honest, That this is repeating throughout history – We know the fact that this is a simple truth. ANGRY WOMAN. You are trash like others – Why did not you support us women that Do we suffer by how men live with their heads? GOOD MAN. Forgive me ifContinue reading “The Ambiguity Of Mankind”