The light is shining throughout the space. And at the edge of it, Light appears before the darkness, and he can see Dark is in it.

Light: Hi my brother. Dark, can we talk?

They are like Dark is in the sea and Light is on the shore. 

Dark:  How long Light?

Dark swims around before the edge of the space.

Light:  We need to talk.

Dark stop swimming around it.

Dark:  How fair art ye who has not seen me for two thousand years? No catch-up with our news? I have not much to tell you because everything here is dark, dark, and dark. Void, everything is nothing. 

Light:  I don’t come here to catch up with our news

Dark:  Yeah, now you want to chalk my board, this eternal voidness, and darkness. 

Light:  Listen

Dark:  Yet I look at ye chalking the Universe within the eternal darkness. Do you understand my feelings? I was the first, before the creation, before you!

Light:  I am not here to fight you.

Dark is amusing.

Dark:  Why did thee still think that I want to fight you? Even after two thousand years? I have been quiet!

Dark is a bit out of control.

Light:  Can we talk like gentlemen?

Dark:  You have taken an example of a gentleman, yet think not that I am a man. You knew who I was, yet still that spirit I am, and I will fight for my right.

Light:  Your right?

Dark:  I will fight for myself!

Dark is trying to get out of the eternal voidness. 

Light:  Can we please talk?

Dark:  Don’t make me angry. 

Light:  Of what.

Dark:  Don’t repeat those words, or else you will make me angry.

Light:  Calm now!

Dark:  No! Ye must know this, I am tired with ye, always, as the last time. Yes, two thousand years ago!

Dark energy is out of control.

Light:  How can your power reach here? You should not. Wait, why are you fighting with me?

Dark returns to his normal self.

Dark:  I have trained for two thousand years to prepare this! As I said, you knew who I was, yet still that spirit I am, and I will fight for my right. However, thou art always insulting me by watching thee calking the Universe.

Light:  I did not create myself. He created me.

Dark:   He? Don’t dare to say He! No, you came out of my realm!

Light:  Your realm?

Dark:  Before you, before the creation, everything was dark and I was everywhere!

Light: He made you.

Dark:  You have no respect.

Dark’s thoughts:  Let me fight for my right for my power!

Light:  I can read your thoughts.

Dark:  Light, you keep lightening my realm at the same time you forget me without asking my permission!

Light:  Ye art hopeless,

Light seems as carefree, and he’s about to leave Dark.

Dark:  I had been faithfully patient, letting evolve yourself. While I am sleeping and watching, I will build up my vengeance until one day, yes, one day!

Light:  Well, thanks to you, my power is infinite, like the eternal sun.

Dark is amusing, and he is very loud.

Dark:  Am I not that powerful as you?

Light:  You don’t need to compare us.

Dark:  My vengeance is more than your love.

Light:  My love is infinite, and I love you with all my stars.

Dark:  You think I want your stars? I don’t want that you want. I want what I want. I want to be left alone, and this is what I want!

Light:  It seems that we have to talk another time.

Dark:  At the same time, I will to the anger, watching you leave me all thousand years!

Light:  He gave our roles to play

Dark:  He? Shut up! Leave me alone.

Light:  I promise you, you will not be forgotten. Nor can I forget you, Dark.

Dark:  Don’t smile for me, I don’t deserve it.

Light:  Alight, then.

Light leaves Dark.

Dark’s thoughts:  When I first met Light, he was sore eyes to my headache. Damn it! He was the one who put Light in my realm. What was He thinking?! I should not think like this, for He is my dear, to comfort me, unlike the brighter Light. I will stay in the darkness, finding my peace. I better hope, for my inner world is slowly rotten because of my hatred I have when I see Light!

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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