The Worthy Words Of Seeker

A comer to a seeker, sayest like, ye lo whatever it finds ye of thine seeking, but here I come to thee for thine pro.

Whithersoever that a seeker saith unto a doer, thee need to mend thine doing for what’s not with the Earth, but every living creature seeks of their revolution in the time of their dwellings.

Whither ye of thine self that seeks upon the thoughts of thy key. But Riddle said unto me, thee think they would understand ye. But Paradox dashes unto me, saying like, a figure for every figure should they find within themselves.

Oh, said Repetition unto me, I am that I am, as you are that thou art, but hence, we are that what lives us on the Earth, yet I show ye of thine mind in what I am to me, as well as in thee that thou art to thyself.

Every man said Repetition unto Riddle and every woman who lives on the Earth. But I do not have time to detail every human being as he, she, they, or no them whatsoever, should every one of them that lives upon the Earth be responsible for their longings, but I said unto thee, be good in ye that act.

Alight, then ye canst doest the things that make ye happy of thine emotion. However, alight, although, hmm, therefore, no, whithersoever that we lo inside our inner world, thinking, what would thee offer ye of thine perception? Forgive him that use a lot of you, but it’s mind.

Whenever will it be thee that saveth thyself? Speech therapy may need to open ye to thine closed bridge between the reality and inner world. Henceforth, whensoever, hmm, whither that all there is in thee that can save the world of thee towards the Earth.

Many things in my mind that words many grammars. Saith like thou hath that we seek in thee to the world.

He still tries to search for his promised words that comfort his mind. Yet comfortable in his heartbeat that welcomes every calm in them that saves him.

If ye lookest at me, thinking, thou would think I am religious because of my words that script whatever comes out of me. But hence, I am none of the religions from the hearing world, for methinks that I lo for what’s in the Deaf World, like every hearing person in the Hearing World.

Perhaps went to see Firmer, saying like, “Why, Firmer? I told ye, maybe.” But Firmer made up his mind, “I saw every kind, every group, whatsoever of every, they follow that they know to step their feet, but Deaf must follow Deaf as would Hearing must follow Hearing.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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