Love never pursue because it’s always there

Love would tell thee,How True-Love would be,Well, she put her heart on me,And made romantic gestures,With the great passion of her soul! See? Love would tell thee,How True-Love would be,When she sees me, she is in her world of heaven,And the next thing she could love me unconditionally! See? Love would tell thee,How True-Love wouldContinue reading “Love never pursue because it’s always there”

The Power Of Life I Give You

Don’t wait for Hypocrite, Don’t wait for Ignorance, But if they repent, the true heart, Then don’t wait for Hypocrite, Don’t wait for Ignorance! Fantasy One day when I master everything, Then I might read you about everything,Your feelings won’t be mineBut I empathy them for I had them beforeGoing to tell thee somethingDon’t waitContinue reading “The Power Of Life I Give You”

Faith And Breathing New Life

Bravo Angel, The Ancient One:There was an Angel in the heart of Earth,Left his home, brought to Earth,Fought on righteous, fought for righteous The story wonders me when I think ofHeaven to my brain that makes sense:How the Ancient One was an Angel,And he left his home, brought to Earth,Fought on righteous, fought for righteousContinue reading “Faith And Breathing New Life”

A Song To My Loyal Friend

Oh, friend, I respect ye lots; I doth not tell thee how to live life; Seconds after seconds; Minutes after minutes; Hours after hours; Weeks after weeks; Months after months; Years after years. Won’t tell thee a thing how to live These breaths of freedom are free Because it is the truth that is eternallyContinue reading “A Song To My Loyal Friend”

A Woman’s DEsire To Heal

She could tell herself why she felt that way,She felt it every dayAnd kept praying for herselfShe was prayingTo make her dream come true What was good, what was good now?Too many, too many blessingsShe knew where the blessings come fromShe wanted to be better, but a miracleIt was where she starts, heal insideWith aContinue reading “A Woman’s DEsire To Heal”

Understand this…

Positive, what I say?Who am I calling to the Creator?Are not that somethingWant to see the Creator in realityAnd getting to know our Miracle CreatorFreedom with the words, free to speakAnd stay with the Creator?I’d told our Holy One, ask somethingAnd that’s why I had that feelUnderstand this I thought, “Understand this,”They are trying toContinue reading “Understand this…”

Random a lyric in my thoughts

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love The Earth loves us so so so much I tell you that Earth loves us so so much Yes, I tell you that Earth loves us so much Love, love, love, love, love, love, When I thought of Earth, I just can’t choose one Now they areContinue reading “Random a lyric in my thoughts”

Lyrically fantasy in my song

Oh, oh, oh, oh, o, o, o, oOoh, oohDanceShe dances her feetYes she dances I liked watching her the dancer,Dance to danceShe’s dancing to danceI did feel her delightShe smiled right straight at meBefore I blinkOh yes, before I blinkShe’s a big starInspiringThat dances inside my bloodShe’s so easygoing! Something I enjoy about herHighly enjoyableIfContinue reading “Lyrically fantasy in my song”

Peaceful advice

Peace, peace, and peace,This I called, peace!I sail on my water to the ripple,Saying to them like, hold thine horse! Peace, peace, and peace,This calm, wide-openhearted, the time of inner’s peace,Aye, by the doorway, it awaits, and here I say like,I saw the sparkle, at the edge, glowing such inner being,In the spirit, the fire,Continue reading “Peaceful advice”

Just go the Miracle Way

Go the Miracle WayI don’t know how I go the Miracle Way,I don’t knowBut go the Miracle Way,Just go, and I shall witnessI shall witness with my own eyes,Better than nothing, better than nothing, yeah, better than nothingJust go the Miracle Way, and It shall see my path ahead of me,Just go, yeah, my headContinue reading “Just go the Miracle Way”