The Qualities of Love

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay I am not seeing you as a black man or a white man or a brown man. I am seeing you as a person with a name. Your colour means nothing to me. Do you know why I said this? When some people asked what race I am, whatContinue reading “The Qualities of Love”

Love means for all

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay Peacetime is for usNever think that peace is yoursIt is for all souls If thou sayth thee loveArt thou a master of loveIf so, shall love all Our Holy OneWho made life and all that isYe art not alone The teaching’s writtenLove thy neighbour as thyselfNo selfish thank youContinue reading “Love means for all”

FEeling lots of love

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay Lily calls Dove, Dove, Dove, and DoveOh such beautiful, Dove flies down to LilyYes, Lily is magic, the magic of kindnessDove chants, the song of bird’s love, bird’s love! Miracle heard, Dove, Dove, Dove, and DoveMiracle heard Lily’s, Dove, Dove, and DoveMiracle, magic, draws, Lily to MiracleOh dear, Lily,Continue reading “FEeling lots of love”

In the Eminence of Her

Because of you that I love –It is too sweet sound a faith! The sweet lily knows the bestOf what I will the Light –My past life was not easy,Because of my Deafness.But you inspired me greatly –You are also Deaf like me,Yet you win your strong will –That makes me love you more sweet!Continue reading “In the Eminence of Her”

The old saying, love themself

Image by 272447 from Pixabay They have heard the old saying, love themself What he can doWhen he tells you to love He will tell you to love yourselfOr, will the old saying repeats, love one anotherAs would thee love thyself Consider, no corrupt, and no conflictOr else suffer from that grieves youGive up thyContinue reading “The old saying, love themself”

One of the best memories for feeling the love

I sat down on the log,From a little distance, she glanced at me,She was flirting with her eyes towards me with her smiles,Pure connection. While I sat down on the log,I saw she told her friends that she wanted to spend time with me,Because I was about to leave in a half-hour or more,She cameContinue reading “One of the best memories for feeling the love”